Khatu Ji Birthday:

Lord Khatu Shyam Ji birthday celebration is celebrated on every year Kartik Shukala paksh Ekadashi. It is said on this day the holy sheesh was appeard from shri shyam kund. Millons of devotee come here to be blessed. many devotee offers birthday mava cake to shyam baba.

Celebrate Khatu Ji Birthday in 2017 the date is 14 November.

Shri Khatu Shyam Falguni Satrangi Mela.

Falgun Festival Mela Of Shri Khatu shyam ji  :

The Falgun mela is the main festival in Khatu Shyam Ji, It occurs in the month of Phalguna (Feb / march), Asthami to Dwadashi ( the 8th to 12th days), just 5 days before the great Indian festival Holi. A large number of devotee  visit here from across India to take a sight of Baba Shyam Sheesh (Head) . Famous singers from across all over the country come here to perform bhajans on this Falgun Mela (Festival). These Days Khatu Dham is a Center of Devotion. Every where Shyam bhakts Chant Jai Jai Shri shyam on the Way. It is also called Nishyan Yatra. means holy journey to khatu shyam ji with  shyam baba flags (Nishan). Almost all  Devotee of shyam baba starts foot Journey from Ringus to Khatu Dham. Ringus is a town at situated 19 km from Khatu Dham. Devotee purchase Nishan (Flag) and starts their journey to khatu dham. During this 19 km journey they enjoy full with Chants of shri shyam, Dance on Dj and bhajan Sandhya . Some Devotee Play with colors Gulal on the way. Many Shyam Bhaktas supply food to pedestrians in the shade of tents. They encourage also to complete their journey with full enthusiasm. They enjoy this occasion as the marriage of Khatu Shyam Ji. People enjoy the mela by purchasing various things. On Dwadashi (= 12th day of month), Bhog is being prepared as Baba s Prasadi of Kheer, Churama.

Falgun Festival Mela Of Shri Khatu shyam ji  :

Calender 2017 -2018 Ekadasmi Gyarash Dates

Ekadasmi is very important date for every Khatu Shyam Ji devotee,on this day they take fast and doing special poojan of Shri Khatu Ji. At this page we are providing ekadasmi dates in 2017 and 2018.

Date Ekadashi Fast (Vart)
April 07 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
April 22 , 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
May 06, 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
May 22, 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
June 05 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
June 20 , 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
July 04 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
July 19 , 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
August 03 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
August 18 , 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
September 02 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
September 16 , 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
October 01 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
October 15 , 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
October 31 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
November 14, 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
November 30 , 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
December 13, 2017 krishnPakshiGyarash
December 29, 2017 ShukalPakshiGyarash
January 12, 2018 krishnPakshiGyarash
January 27, 2018 ShukalPakshiGyarash
Februry 11, 2018 krishnPakshiGyarash
Februry 26, 2018 ShukalPakshiGyarash
March 13, 2018 krishnPakshiGyarash


** Some Date of Ekadashi may be change So Confirm first.